Pancake Pantry – A Nashville Foodie Experience

Pancake Pantry in Nashville, Tennessee is an institution in this town.

Locals, visitors and celebrities alike, all eat here. Country music’s finest, including the likes of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have been spotted enjoying in the deliciousness that exists here – and after eating here yourself…you’ll see why!

With Southern hospitality, a well thought out rotation plan for getting people in and out quickly – plus the best pancakes you will ever eat: Pancake Pantry is all you ever needed in your life. Yes, your life.

Pancake Pantry, Nashville

Why There Is Always A Line At Pancake Pantry

Pancake Pantry is one of Nashville’s most popular eateries.

Like any good establishment, I always trust any place that has a line full of tourists and locals alike at any given time. On my visit, it was a Sunday morning in March, and the photo below shows what the line was like at about 9am. Given, any Sunday will be a very busy morning, the line moved relatively quickly, and we were inside by about 9:30am ordering our meal, which was a pleasant surprise.

There was a local musician playing his own music at the front of the entrance and selling CDs – which being in Nashville and in a long line – was much appreciated during our wait. He was really good too!

Joining the line at Pancake Pantry

Once we arrived at the front, we saw the quick turn-around operation that was in place here. It highlighted to us the procedure staff work with in clearing the empty tables, seating people and having them served their meal in quick succession. But don’t worry, you are not rushed to eat and can take your time, (though it doesn’t take long to devour your choice in any case!)

Pancake Pantry, Nashville

Pancake Pantry Menu – What Do You Eat Here?

Pancake Pantry have a wide selection on their menu – and at such good prices!

From sweet to savory, to anything that goes well on the side, there is a lot to choose from.

When we went, my friends and I all ate different things. I ordered the chocolate chip pancakes which were delicious (the butter mixed with the chocolate gave it a sweet and salty mix that tasted so good!) Christina had the strawberry shortcakes and Andrew had Banana Bread pancakes and a side of hashbrowns.

Pancake Pantry, Nashville

A special mention really does have to go to the amazing Sweet Potato Pancakes as well, which have sweet potato in their batter, and come with a sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon.

Delicious is an understatement! We were each given one to try by our waitress – (complimentary) having ordered different pancakes – which was a sweet gesture for our first time there. She didn’t want us to leave without having one which was what I loved about the hospitality here…next time I return the Sweet Potato pancakes are what I am getting. They were superb!

Sweet Potato Pancake

Pancake Pantry is clearly amazing.

If my experience there hasn’t made you want to go there next time you’re in Nashville, you are missing out. Go immediately!


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