Spanish Moss. Quaint Squares. Historic Homes.

If one is looking for charm in the South – it can be found right here.

Yet, nestled within this picturesque town, as any real foodie would be aware, there lies an endless selection of deliciousness – making Savannah not only a feast for the eyes, but a feast for the stomach too.

Exploring Savannah in what was quite extreme heat during April 2017 – sitting under an air-conditioner was just not an option. But, enjoying a good meal and a thirst quenching drink was always on the itinerary here (and thankfully so!)

So where did my taste buds take me, and were they left as satisfied as I was promised? Read on to see what my favourite eatery options were for your next visit. I am so glad I was able to find so many little gems on my quest to discover Savannah’s best food stops.

The Collins Quarter

151 Bull Street, Savannah

“Upscale Australian, With A Southern Twist.”

Collins Quarter Savannah

Since 2014, The Collins Quarter has been bringing the best of Australia’s cafe scene (particularly that of coffee capital Melbourne) to the people of Savannah. In what initially started as a place to offer great coffee, Collins Quarter expanded into a fully fledged enterprise, bringing the ultimate cafe experience to Savannah – quality food, combined with great coffee in a casual atmosphere.

Some would call me biased, given I know the owners of Collins Quarter from back home. However, as a foodie and coffee lover, I know a good place when i find it and this is one of Savannah’s best food stops. Rebecca & Anthony Debreceny are truly doing something amazing in Savannah and everyone is noticing it here. It’s hard to find anyone in this town who hasn’t stopped by – and loved it! They have opened 2 more eateries since this, with The Deck on Tybee Island – a meal or drink with a view opening in April 2017; and The Fitzroy (another nod to their hometown Melbourne) in Savannah which is opening in March 2018 as a bar featuring quality small meals to share.


Collins Quarter Savannah Interior

Collins Quarter has such a welcoming atmosphere from the minute you arrive; one knows this is a place to sit and catch up with friends for hours. (Or just enjoy the street traffic, and the square views if you’re outside.)

With a modern red, white and brown colour styling tied into a brick signature theme, this cafe is unlike most; because it can feel both relaxed or high end depending on what you’re there for. Whether its a quick coffee, a relaxed lunch or an elaborate dinner, all your needs can be met here. I particularly liked the lighting choices throughout the cafe, because it just added to the cozy atmosphere that exists – but kept it interesting to look at. It simply made me feel good to sit and eat here.


Collins Quarter Savannah


What’s Good At Collins Quarter?

I was lucky enough to test out a few brunch options (all of which I really enjoyed and can wholly recommend!) If there is one thing us Aussie’s do best, its anything with eggs and avocado. So you really can’t go wrong with any of the menu items found here. I wanted to eat them all!

Some of my favourites were:

My Cousin Beni: featuring poached eggs, pancietta, english muffins, micro herbs, and a creamy hollandaise sauce. It comes served with a side salad for $14.


My Cousin Beni Collins Quarter Savannah

Swine Beni: featuring a brioche french toast, topped with pulled pork, tomato, poached egg, hollandaise, and crispy bacon for $16.


Swine Beni Collins Quarter Savannah

Tag This Hash: featuring a braised pot roast, potato hash cakes, a scoop of smashed avocado, egg over medium and topped with chimichurri. Served with sautéed vegetables for $14.


Tag This Hash Collins Quarter Savannah

All in all, the value for money here is outstanding. If you’re not wanting to break the bank, but still want to feel like you’re eating high end, Collins Quarter gives you just that.


Collins Quarter Coffee Bar

Collins Quarter Savannah Coffee Bar

Collins Quarter also has a coffee bar and coffee to go (at the window) for those wanting a quick espresso hit (which delights the locals from what I could see.) A must try is the Madagascar Vanilla Latte: made up of espresso, vanilla drizzle and steamed milk. This was a definite hit for me, and i didn’t have to add an ounce of sugar to it (or take any away – as Americans do like their sugar here!) It was sweetened just perfectly. I am still yet to find a Vanilla Latte that beats this one, it was that good!


Madagascar Vanilla Latte Collins Quarter Savannah

It is extremely hard to find decent coffee in the United States on any day, so to see Savannah raving about the coffee that makes my home town of Melbourne famous was a real taste of home here. If you love coffee, this is a must stop. If you love GOOD coffee, this is a definite stop.

Collins Quarter is open 7 days a week (coffee window only on Tuesday’s), with varying Coffee, Brunch and Dinner times depending on the day. Check out their website for more information.

Final Thoughts?

If you want Southern Charm with a modern edge in Savannah, it is here you will find it. If you’re looking for a great place to eat in Savannah, you need to stop in at Collins Quarter.


Soho South Cafe

12 W Liberty St, Savannah

“Rustic Warehouse With An Upscale New York Vibe”

Soho South Cafe Exterior

I was recommended the Soho South Cafe by the Savannah Tourism Board – and I was definitely not left disappointed.

Soho South Café has been serving lunch/brunch to the people of Savannah since 1997 and it continues to be a hit more than two decades later, highlighting why it still remains one Savannah’s best food stops.

Originally built as an automotive service station in the 1940s, it was left vacant for many years until the space was transformed into a restaurant. In recent years it was acquired by Daniel Reed Hospitality, which has given this eatery top billing as one of the best lunch spots in Savannah.


Soho South Cafe Savannah Interior

Soho South’s design has been inspired by New York City, which is also where it drew it’s name; with large interiors, exposed industrial elements like their steel windows, ironworks and its wooden garage doors. The overall feel of this eatery is one of casual elegance, making it one of the cities most desired places to dine.

The restaurant itself is quirky and fun, with an assortment of chairs and tables bringing both splashes of colour and variety into the space. The addition of trees in a few areas gives Soho South a more cozier feel, by making the space feel a lot smaller than it actually is. But, it all comes together really nicely.


Soho South Cafe Savannah


What’s Good At Soho South Café?

With a menu full of upscale American style cuisine, its not hard to find something everyone likes here, and the prices are very wallet friendly too.

On my visit I was drawn to the Grilled Cheese immediately…because who doesn’t love one of those – so I settled for a Classic Soho Combo for $10, which featured a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with pimento aioli, alongside a cup of Soho tomato basil bisque soup, and a side (which for me was the Pickled Coleslaw.)


Soho South Cafe Savannah

This Grilled Cheese was by far one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever had the pleasure of eating! It was creamy and delicious. The soup was also very good, as was the coleslaw, so it was an overall fulfilling meal.

Soho South Café is open weekdays from 11am-3pm and weekends 10am-3pm. You can visit their website here.

Final thoughts?

If you enjoy eateries that have that little bit of character and good value, then Soho South Café is a definite must stop. If you want to experience Savannah’s best food, don’t leave this one off your list!


Six Pence Pub

245 Bull St, Savannah

“The Best of British (And A Classic Filming Location!)”

Six Pence Pub Savannah

When traveling anywhere in the world, there is usually at least one British pub to be found. Savannah, is no different. I’ve eaten at many British pubs and also lived in London for almost 2 years, so I know which ones are legitimate and which ones aren’t when I come across them.

Six Pence Pub is definitely one to make sure you visit when exploring Savannah and wanting to have the best eats.

Right from its exterior, one can’t miss it. Complete with typical British flair, and a signature red phone box outside, you really do feel like you’re sitting in Covent Garden enjoying a pint in London town – not Savannah.

Six Pence was initially the site of a former British pub called “Wally’s Sixpence”, but in 1999 was remodeled and expanded in menu and drink selection to what it is today as the Six Pence Pub.

When one walks in, the immediate feeling is welcoming. Unlike a lot of British pubs that exist, there isn’t a stale beer vibe happening here. It feels warm and cozy and completely charming, and much of that comes down to the woodwork and furnishings. Many people refuse to visit British pubs when they are traveling outside of England, but missing this one because of that would be a disservice to one’s memory of Savannah. It is as quaint as they come.


Six Pence Pub Savannah

The food is naturally hearty here, the beer is flowing and the atmosphere is joyous. If you are wanting a quick drink or a proper meal, Six Pence has you covered with all your standard favourites on offer.


Something To Talk About…Even Today

What ultimately drew me into visiting here though, was the fact that Six Pence is a famous filming location from the 1995 film “Something To Talk About”, starring Julia Roberts, Dennis Quaid and Robert Duvall. Most people will remember the famous scene where Grace (Roberts) and her young daughter stand outside the pub in their pajamas, as her husband (Eddie) is caught having an affair with another woman inside. This is the very location that this all happened.


Something To Talk About © Warner Brothers Pictures

I love this film, so being able to re-live that scene was a real highlight. But would the food bring me back for another visit aside from this? I was about to see.


What’s good at Six Pence Pub?

There are so many pub classics available here it is really up to you for what you decide on. From Bangers and Mash to Beef Guinness to Roast Pork…you really can’t go wrong if you’re after a good feed.

Even though it was a scorcher of a day, I cooled off with a strawberry cider and the classic dish of Shepherd’s Pie: featuring ground beef, peas, carrots and onion in a gravy sauce, topped with mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese. Served on the side was a standard garden salad for $14.95.


Shepherd's Pie At Six Pence Pub Savannah/div>

As an Australian, I’ve had my fair share of Shepherd’s Pies over the years, and this was definitely one I would come back to eat again. It was delicious and full of flavour. It really filled my empty stomach up…so much so I couldn’t even fit in a dessert. I often order dessert if I like what is on offer – and they have all my favourites here. So I guess I will just have to return to try some of them out then?

Six Pence Pub is open daily from 11:30am for Lunch, Dinner and late night fare. For more information check out their website here.

Final thoughts?

If you love a good British pub…this is all you need in Savannah


The Only Question Left…

Savannah clearly has a lot to offer travelers and locals alike, whether its a sensory overload for the eyes or the tastebuds.

No visit to Savannah will ever be complete however, unless one makes it to The Collins Quarter, The Soho South Café or Six Pence Pub when they are there. These eateries are good value and charming spots; but they truly highlight just how eclectic the cuisine is here: with not only Southern style offerings available, but a little bit of Australia, New York and England as well. When it comes to the best food in Savannah, these places are right at the top.

So do yourself a favour and book your trip to Savannah now. It will be completely worth it.


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