‘She’s The Man’ is one of the best teen films to come out of the 2000s.

It was well cast with Amanda Bynes as the dual role of twins Viola and Sebastian Hastings and the (at the time), an unknown Channing Tatum who began to make his mark in Hollywood as Duke Orcino. ‘She’s The Man’ is funny, engaging and all round just awesome to watch…which explains why I never tire of it and why people of all ages still enjoy watching it after over a decade.

I met Amanda Bynes at the Melbourne premiere of ‘She’s The Man’ and I am really glad I did. She was the loveliest person and took photos with everyone who asked. Even though she has had a rough few years in terms of her mental health; and has been in and out of the headlines as a result, her performance in this film was top notch and I don’t know about you, but I seriously forget that Sebastian (when played by Bynes) is not actually a boy. The makeover is so good that you do forget it really is her.

In April 2015, when I visited Vancouver, Canada, I made it my mission to track down the school that was featured in the film, IlIyria, which is actually the Shadbolt Centre for the Performing Arts, located within the Deer Lake Park region of Central Burnaby. This is a local arts centre that offers classes and performances within the local area.

Its actual address if you want to visit is: 6450 Deer Lake Avenue, Burnaby.

Many scenes in ‘She’s The Man’ were filmed at this location and whilst exploring the area of the Arts Centre, I truly did feel like I stepped into IIlyria high school, even though it looked a little different, had less people walking around and had its colour palette changed to what we had seen in the film.

Even if this wasn’t a filming location for a film I love, the grounds and building are just lovely to explore. It is just amazing.

So which of your favourite scenes can you re-live right here at the Shadbolt Centre?

Illyria High School Front Entrance

The front entrance of Illyria, is this very building that looks out onto the lawn and the lake. The green metal poles seen here were all painted red in the film, to represent the film’s colours; making it look a little different to how it looked then.

Scenes shot here include:

  • Sebastian (Viola) running to the soccer game against Cornwall
  • Sebastian (Viola) talking to Eunice when she is kicked out of the room by Duke after their fight
  • When Sebastian (Viola) is on the phone talking to Paul about wanting to give up her charade and he decides to boosts her social standing with the boys
  • When Malcolm and Principal Gold overhear Sebastian (Viola)’s conversation with her mother about not wanting to wear heels to the debutante ball.

The Illyria Campus

The Illyria Campus

Illyria School

Illyria School ©Dreamworks Pictures

Eunice & Sebastian (Viola)

Eunice & Sebastian (Viola) ©Dreamworks Pictures

The Grounds Of Illyria

The Grounds Of Illyria

Social Image Plans

Social Image Plans ©Dreamworks Pictures

The Front Courtyard

The Front Courtyard

Heels Talk

Heels Talk ©Dreamworks Pictures

Illyria High School Side Walkways

The scenes to the right side of the building are also quite memorable, with Viola’s first showing as Sebastian happening right here. They include:

  • Paul dropping Sebastian (Viola) off in the car on his first day, and having to walk past a throng of people and even a marching band to get inside.
  • The stairway that Sebastian (Viola) walks up when Sebastian has earned credibility amongst the boys and is now the big man on campus as a result of all the attention he received at Cesarios Pizza Parlour, and the dumping of Monique.

The Side Entrance

The Side Entrance

Sebastian (Viola) Arriving At Illyria

Sebastian (Viola) Arriving At Illyria ©Dreamworks Pictures

The stairway at Illyria

The stairway at Illyria

Stairs Of Social Glory

Stairs Of Social Glory ©Dreamworks Pictures

Illyria High School Interior Scenes

Excitingly, some scenes from inside the Shadbolt Centre made it into the film. These truly make it feel like you are at the school and look exactly like they did in the film, right down to the furniture!

Scenes including:

  • The Cafeteria, where Sebastian (Viola) sees that Olivia is still upset over her recent heartbreak; and the talk about Justin crying at a past soccer game takes place over lunch.
  • The scene where Duke grabs Sebastian (Viola) after class to discuss being set up with his crush Olivia, who Sebastian has become friends with.

The Cafeteria

The Cafeteria

Illyria Cafeteria

Illyria Cafeteria ©Dreamworks Pictures

The Interior Of The School

The Interior Of The School

Duke Chats To Sebastian (Viola)

Duke Chats To Sebastian (Viola) ©Dreamworks Pictures

So what are you waiting for?

It is so rare to find one location that a film has used so much of…and looks exactly as it did in the film.

But, this is definitely one of them, and well worth it!

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The 'She's The Man' School Filming Location