Who doesn’t love a little something sweet when exploring a city?

Lucky for us, Melbourne houses some of the best dessert spots around that will truly make this city memorable – we may be known for our coffee, but we also do our desserts well too.

As a sucker for sweetness…here are 5 of my all-time favourite spots that you don’t want to miss when visiting Melbourne.

Melbourne Desserts: Hopetoun Tea Rooms

Hopetoun Tea Rooms

The Hopetoun Tea Rooms are a rite of passage in Melbourne with this window front probably Melbourne’s most popular photo-op. Located within the historic Block Arcade off Collins Street, (which is worth a visit on any given day!); this place is a little piece of history for all to enjoy, since its establishment in 1891 as a very small tea room for the Victorian Ladies Work Association.

I have had many meals here, as my variety of photos will attest, but the best meal to have is breakfast or brunch. It just starts the day off right and will literally fill you up for the rest of the day – especially if you spring for a meal and dessert!

Hopetoun Tea Rooms Cakes

Ones experience here begins before the actual eating takes place. I mean, when you have a window full of desserts how can you not take a peek (or Instagram) upon arrival to make everyone else jealous?

The key is to arrive early so you get first dibs, because as the day progresses, the desserts start to disappear (though some will be replaced with others)…so don’t wait until too late in the day if you have your heart set on something extra sweet…favourites like the Aussie traditions of Lamingtons and Vanilla Slice may not last all day.

Don’t be scared off by the long line that at times will form either. As people leave, the turn around is quite good. I usually wait no more than 30 minutes if I am with more than 2 people. But honestly, Hopetoun is worth the wait.

Hopetoun Tea Rooms Decor


Hopetoun Tea Rooms

The decor here is cute. It reminds me of an old world style elegance, which as someone who used to live in London, it is nice to have a place like this in my home city to reminisce in some history.

Whilst the rooms are not gigantic in size, I think this is what adds to the quaint feeling of it all – if it were bustling with too many people, this would ruin the relaxed atmosphere that exists.

So what should you be eating here?

The warm fresh crepes served with fresh berries and fruit drizzle is amazing. It usually comes with lemon curd and a glaze of either strawberry or orange, (at least from the ones I have eaten so far). My mum and I usually share the crepes – as you get two of them on your plate for $15 (so we have room for other things).

Hope Toun Tea Room Crepes

Honorary Mention is of course the scones! These are the most delicious scones I have eaten in Melbourne. They are just so soft inside and better yet, taste delicious with triple berry jam and double cream. I honestly wish we were given three instead of two…but for $7 its a steal!

Hopetoun Tea Rooms Scones

If you don’t head to Hopetoun Tea Rooms for breakfast or brunch; the lunch menu is very good too. Last time I was there for lunch I had the pumpkin soup with bread for $15, and it was delicious! The soup of the day varies, but if this is on the menu anytime, I will have a hard time saying no!

Hopetoun Tea Rooms Pumpkin Soup

Desserts are a necessity at Hopetoun obviously, but since i get scones and fruity crepes every time, I don’t always get dessert. But, my friend Kim splurged last time we went and got a berry tart which she very much enjoyed.

Berry Tart At Hopetoun Tea Rooms

Could you say no to that?

Or any of this?

Desserts At Hopetoun Tea Rooms

Hopetoun Tea Rooms is open 7 days a week (but bookings are needed for the high tea option if you want it). It is located inside the Block Arcade, at 282 Collins Street, Melbourne. 

Melbourne Desserts: Dex 2 Rose

Dex 2 Rose

Dex2rose Nitrogen Gelato Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Lovers of ice cream rejoice!

Dex 2 Rose is one of the coolest eateries in Melbourne and depending on what you order will determine what your cool factor is in eating here. Though, its all good really and will delight people of all ages.

Dex 2 Rose use liquid nitrogen to rapidly freeze the liquid gelato base once you have ordered what you want. This allows them to serve the gelato at a warmer temperature, which keeps the flavour (and the creaminess) plus it uses less sugar too – which is good for those watching their calorie intake!

Dex 2 Rose

The vibe in the gelateria is very homey. It is nice to sit and relax with friends eating something delicious, because the space allows for it. Evenings are busier than any other time, but i’ve never waited long at all no matter what time I have stopped by.

Be aware the menu does change, so some things are not always here, or will be found seasonally.

A favourite remains The Salty Camel – Caramel gelato with sugar shards, topped with caramel popcorn, nut clusters with a caramel sauce. This is one delicious dessert that is always on the menu. Some items come and go, but this one is very much a popular choice and cheap enough at $9.95.

Salty Caramel Dex 2 Rose Salty Caramel

The currently off the menu Coconut and Mango Sorbet with Coconut Jelly is a favourite when it is available. This comes with peanuts usually, but last time I went I substituted the peanuts for strawberries and it was amazing! On a hot day in Summer, this one really hits the spot!

Coconut and Mango Gelato

Other menu items that make this place memorable, is the Mist In The Woods Hot Chocolate Set. It features a house blend of lightly spiced hot chocolate, and comes with salted caramel gelato, raspberry drupelets, and toast-at-your-table home-made marshmallows.

But my new favourite flavour has to be the Nutella Floatella. It is comprised of nutella gelato, with a floating nutella jar, praline hazelnuts and white chocolate ganache in a syringe. It is so good – and the cutest looking too! A real steal at $9.95.

Dex 2 Rose Nutella Floatella Melbourne

Ultimately, you can’t worry about what you eat here. You’ll always enjoy it. So don’t miss this relative hole in the wall eatery next time you visit.

Dex 2 Rose is open 7 days and located at 377-379 Little Bourke St, Melbourne (turn down Racing Club Laneway).

Melbourne Desserts: Bibelot

Bibelot Melbourne

Bibelot is somewhat of an institution in Melbourne – and anyone who loves the South Melbourne market area of the city.

There are many desserts on offer here – most for under $10 each. But my favourite is the Gourmandise Board for $29.95 because you get to enjoy 9 different desserts – which is amazing value!

Bibelot Gourmandise Board

Some of the desserts are rotated. But on my last visit we were lucky enough to get to try:

-Milk Chocolate and Buckwheat Sable
-Triple Chocolate Cheesecake
-Jasmine Tea and Lychee
-Strawberry and Rose
-Mango, Yuzu and Coconut Dome
-Strawberry Jam Macaron
-Hazelnut Praline
-Caramel Dome
-Soft Centred Dark Chocolate

My friend Kim and I loved them all. But found the Hazelnut Praline, Mango Dome and Triple Chocolate Cheesecake to be the most memorable for us. We split everything in half…and it was more than enough!

Bibelot Melbourne Gourmandise Board

When it comes to dessert platters, this is the best value in the city. It should not be missed.

Bibelot is open 7 days and is located 285-287 Coventry St, South Melbourne.

Melbourne Dessert: Brunetti

Melbourne’s Lygon Street is one of the city’s foodie icons with its own Little Italy right here. Running all the way from the inner city suburbs of Carlton to Brunswick East, this is one region of the city that no one should miss.

One of the biggest draw cards to visiting this famed area (which is located right near the Melbourne Museum), is Brunetti’s; Melbourne’s ultimate nod to all things pastry, coffee and of course Italian food. There are a few smaller locations of Brunetti across the city, but the Carlton location is the biggest and the most exciting to visit as it has EVERYTHING for a nice lunch…and of course some dessert (or two!)


Brunetti has various sections starting with desserts, then a coffee bar, lunch options such as sandwiches, pizza, pasta and even gelato.

There is definitely something for everyone here.

BUT…onto the desserts you can enjoy here (which is really just a small selection when you actually go there!) Whilst one can’t go past a good Macaroon, anything with nuts and chocolate suits me well here.

The Nutella Eclair is delish. Because Nutella. See photo below for the 4th pastry from the left. You’ll want one too at only $2.50!

Brunetti Dessert

Brunetti Desserts

Honorable Mention is the Hazelnut & Coffee Torte. If you love nuts and anything espresso…this is one dessert you want to try if you’re there.

Brunetti Slices

Brunetti Gelato

Brunetti is open 7 days and located at 380 Lygon Street, Carlton.

Melbourne Desserts: High Tea At The Marriott Melbourne

There are many high teas available in Melbourne, but the high tea at the Marriott is such good value it had to make this list!

My mother and I experienced this high tea due to finding a 2 for 1 coupon on Cudo (Aussie version of Groupon). We scored a high tea with a bottle of champagne for $79 total at the Essence Restaurant. Three Plates High is one of the best high teas you can do in the city. Not only do you get three plates high full of dessert and sandwiches, you also get huge scones besides this too. There is so much food here – it is truly incredible.

Marriott Three Plates High Afternoon Tea

The menu for Three Plates High includes:

Top Tier –

-Mini Mixed Macarons

-Mini Mud Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

Middle Tier –

-Raspberry Bevaroise Eclair with light pink chocolate

-New York Cheesecake topped with forest fruits

-Coffee soaked joconde layered with coffee butter creme and dark chocolate ganache

-Dark chocolate ganache encased in a shortbread shell

Bottom Tier –

-Salmon, caper and lemon myrtle cream bagel

-Baba ganoush, min-bush marinated fetta and semi dried tomato paste sandwich

-Curried blue-gum smoked chicke, kasundi and spinach sandwich

-Vegetable savoury pie with a belnd of yoghurt and spices

-Lamb and Rosemary pie

Side plate –

Scones served with seed cream and strawberry jam

Marriott Melbourne Three Plates High

The Three Plates High experience is valued at $75 per person normally, including a glass of champagne – so the Cudo deal is amazing value considering we received a bottle and not just a glass of bubbly each.

Marriott Melbourne Three Plates High Cudo Champagne

The food was delicious. I especially loved the savoury pie and sandwiches. But the desserts were the real highlight – give me New York Cheesecake any day!

The Marriott Hotel is located at Exhibition St & Lonsdale St, Melbourne

So there you have it all my sugar craving friends. It’s probably a bad time to tell you all that I now limit my sugar to basically nothing right? But, I will still enjoy an opportunity to eat any of these occasionally – just for you.

Happy sugar coma!

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