Christmas In Salzburg, is an iconic hand painted egg store which is located in Salzburg – home of all things Mozart and ‘The Sound Of Music’. And while Christmas is the best time to spend in a city like Salzburg, with the Salzburg Christmas Market and all the other festivities, this store is just as memorable as all of the others as well.

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When you arrive in Salzburg, do not miss visiting the Christmas In Salzburg egg store. It is a hidden gem for many, but once it has been found, people are obsessed with it – and always regret not buying more when they are there because they are so hard to get once you leave Austria.

I constantly receive inquiries about this egg store in Salzburg, because people didn’t buy enough and want to know how to buy the hand painted eggs for Easter and Christmas especially. The simple fact is, going there is the only way they can get what they want.

Christmas In Salzburg Hand Painted Egg Designs

Christmas In Salzburg is filled to the brim of every type of decorated egg you can imagine.

From the traditional Christmas decoration full of the amazing red colours, to Easter with it’s light purples and yellows, and the orange colours of Halloween – or even just general designs too…you can always find something here to satisfy what you’re looking for. And they are all so well designed that you likely have to stop yourself buying too many!

Each area seems to be colour co-ordinated so you really do know where you are based on that, which also makes for really pretty photos too. but take your time when you’re there. I visited twice when I was in Salzburg because I was blown away by how much there was to choose from!

Christmas In Salzburg Egg Store Website

Christmas In Salzburg doesn’t seem to have a website – though there is a facebook page, but it really doesn’t look to be an official one which is responsive. So unless you return to Salzburg – that’s the main way you’re going to get anything more than what you bought on your visit. Or if you know someone who is visiting, make sure you get them to stop by for you!

Christmas In Salzburg egg store is open year round, not just at Christmas so no matter when you’re there – it will be open. I traveled there during September and that’s when I first found it in 2015. It has been operating for over 20 years apparently though; so it has become a destination to stop in when visiting.

The hand painted eggs are so delicate and fragile. As they are hand painted, the effort that goes into making them is just amazing. There is a great amount of variety here as well which makes souvenirs easy to find for other people no matter what event or occasion you’re buying for.

Don’t Have Regret’s And Not Buy Something

On my visit to Christmas In Salzburg, I bought 2 eggs for the upcoming Christmas period. One for me and one for my sister. The designs were just lovely and they have a ribbon which is how they tie to the trees they hang on. Traveling with them was simple and easy; as all purchases are packaged in an egg carton and wrapped in paper – so they never broke. And I traveled quite a lot with them before I made it back to Australia.

Prices vary, but you can find eggs for as low as a few euros, and more expensive ones depending on the size and elaborateness of the design. Or if the season has passed and they have a lot to get rid of, things will be on sale too.

But even today, all of the photos I have seen show all the areas pretty full to the brim every time. They seem to just keep replenishing their stock all the time.

Christmas In Salzburg is such a huge store, and right when you think you saw it all – there is another little nook full of eggs! It is truly unreal and I could literally spend hours just photographing the eggs here.

The address for Christmas In Salzburg Egg Store is Judengasse 11, Salzburg, A-5020, Austria 

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