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-Meet Toni-

Growing up, I never saw travel as being a huge part of my life. But, when I was 22, I headed to the USA in a moment of serendipity or ‘destiny’…and the rest is history.

Over the past decade, I have been lucky enough to explore almost all of the USA , Canada, Europe, the UK and New Zealand on many occasions; but there is always more to see and return to. I have lived abroad twice, in the UK & Canada; but now that I am home in Australia, I plan on sharing more of this part of the world with everyone – because Australia is one amazing country!

When I travel, I don’t just see tourist attractions. I find local haunts and try and live a more personalized experience. I also plan trips based around filming locations from my favourite films and tv shows, as well as historic sites than mean a lot to me. This makes any adventure a unique and memorable one.

Join me as I share the world’s most enchanting places right here with you.

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