The American Southwest truly leaves travelers spoiled for choice in what they can experience when visiting here. But, when your choices include the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park and Monument Valley, (and that’s just to start!), it does beg the question…why visit Page?

But what should really be asked is why wouldn’t you visit Page???

Page, Arizona is truly one of the world’s most magnificent places; not just within the USA. The problem is, many people – American’s included, don’t have a clue why they should include this city in their itinerary. And that is why it is imperative that you read this and let people know exactly what they are missing out on should they bypass this amazing place. A regret like this, would be very hard to get over!

So what is it exactly that makes Page, Arizona so amazing? Check out these 3 amazing experiences and you’ll never stop recommending it either. If you’re planning a trip to the USA and want more travel inspiration – be sure to join my USA travel group where I share a lot of worthwhile tips and recommendations for those heading over.


Wahweap Overlook, Arizona


Wahweap Overlook

Wahweap Overlook. I honestly had no idea what it even was before I arrived in Page. Thanks to the amazingly helpful couple Brady and Pamela, who run the Red Rock Motel in Page, (the place I was staying for the evening); I was told to make sure I took in the sunset that takes place out there. As it was April, sunset took place just after 7pm and boy was it worth it!

A sunset is always a good idea on any day. And Arizona certainly brings out the best ones. But the group of us that were gathered on the overlook with an already amazing view, did not expect what we ended up with on this evening.


Wahweap Overlook Sunset


hweap Overlook Full Moon

You see, we had the sun setting on one side of us and on the other – and behind some amazing rock formations that the Arizona landscape is famous for; we had the very quickly rising full moon heading up into the night sky. This made it impossible to know where to look. It made it a completely memorable experience for every single person there.

I will never forget it.


Horseshoe Bend, Arizona


Horseshoe Bend

There aren’t many places I have visited in this world because of Instagram. But Horseshoe Bend was definitely one of those places. And after I started sharing my visit to my own personal social media channels, I soon discovered that many American friends I had, did not know about this amazing, free natural wonder. What a shame right?

Horseshoe Bend is the exact spot where the Colorado River curves and it is an easy trek for all who want to take it, as the walking track is pretty much just sandy/sandstone flat surfaces. It is 2.4km (1.5 miles) in length roundtrip and takes about 45 minutes to complete (minus how much time you spend at the bend taking photos).


Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Horseshoe Bend however, is a dangerous place to take photos; so all visitors must take care in viewing, taking photos of it and walking along the edge. I don’t have a fear of heights, but peering down and even trying to take a photo can be a little scary at times because it is an effort to try and take a photo of the entire river circle, as my two photos show. So always be careful when you are there. People do a lot of stupid stuff up here; which is concerning since the gorge is a decent level below the cliffside.


Horseshoe Bend Gorge

I visited at around 3pm and found it to be rather busy, but quite manageable should this be the only time you can visit. Depending on the photo you want, look into the best time to go as the view changes throughout the day.


Lower Antelope Canyon


Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is the true heart to why all visitors should stop in Page. I know that a lot of foreigners especially have never heard of this place, simply because of how regarded all the national parks are that are around it; so it does get forgotten. But it doesn’t have to be.

Antelope Canyon has two canyons: the Upper Canyon and Lower Canyon; but even if all you can do is only one like me; the Lower Canyon is well worth prioritizing because it is a smaller canyon. This does mean that people of a certain build and weight may not be able to walk along the canyon floor comfortably (as some parts are quite narrow). But, ultimately, everyone can pretty much do it. If you need more help deciding, be sure to check out this post on Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon so you can make your decision!

If you have a concern on if this is something you can do, I would email or call the tour operator; as you do have to go on a tour to get into the canyon, and confirm before booking. People with health issues and with limited mobility in particular aren’t able to do the walk as they will not be able to get down into the canyon (as it is an EXTREMELY steep staircase/ladder down which freaked me out a little!), so always check.

I took a General tour with Ken’s Tours. They are the best and the one I was constantly referred to by those who have taken the tour. It only cost $25 USD in 2017 and the tour lasted 1.5 – 2 hours which was a lot longer than I expected. The tour time will vary because there are a number of groups going down at once, and some are Photography tours, so everyone pretty much snakes along the canyon taking pictures and stopping here and there for photo opps. There is also a $8 fee to enter the Canyon, because this Canyon is within the Navajo Tribal Park, which must be paid in cash before you enter the car park. As of 2018, it appears the price has doubled…this is disappointing, but it is still worth going and the price you’ll have to pay to experience this. But very much worth it.


Photographing Lower Antelope Canyon

The tour is guided, and the guide was really informative. He knew what settings to put your camera and phone on for the best photos and what angles to take some photos at. It made the experience even better, and got me shots like this one below which I would never have known to take.


Views Only A Tour Guide Knows At Lower Antelope Canyon

My tour departed at 9:20am which was within the preferred time to actually visit Antelope Canyon, which is between 10-2pm. This was the ultimate highlight for me, and I have visited 45 states of the USA over 10 years now.

If you still aren’t convinced on the value that is Page, Arizona…I can’t help you then. This is an epic American adventure if there ever was one!

Head there immediately!

And if you haven’t already, be sure to join my USA travel group where I share a lot of worthwhile tips and recommendations for those heading over. Also – if you are looking for US National Park recommendations check out this post by Photo Jeepers on everything you can see within this area. So much nature travel inspo right here!


Me In The 'Photo Spot' At Lower Antelope Canyon


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