If you’re looking for a destination that gets your taste buds talking, Melbourne is where you want to be!

As a born and bred Melburnian, I have eaten at so many places in the city, found some amazing hidden gems and ones that we all know about (but are still worth battling the tourists for!)…all of which are value for money.

The best thing about Melbourne, is there are so many countries and cuisines represented here, so no matter what your taste, there is always something to please everyone!

Here is PART ONE of my guide, which features my favourite Asian inspired restaurants to eat at in the CBD; (as there are so many options here); so hopefully it will wet your appetite if you love this style of food as much as I do!


Supernormal, Melbourne

Supernormal, Melbourne

Supernormal has become one of my go-to eateries. Comprised of an interpretation of asian inspired dishes from places like Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong; Supernormal is a favourite haunt for all foodies in Melbourne.

Meals are meant to be shared, with dishes eaten in a particular order, rather than being served all at once. But its safe to say, no matter what you eat…you will feel content after a meal here – starting with the complimentary soy toasted pumpkin seeds. Delicious!

Supernormal Soy and Pumpkin Seeds

Soy and Pumpkin Seeds

My Recommended Dish At Supernormal

You can’t beat the WHITE CUT CHICKEN WITH TOFU DRESSING, CASHEW, NOODLES & CHILI. This my friends is a dish worthy of its $18 price tag! It’s a cold dish, but the dressing and spice of the chili (which is mild enough), comes together in such a superb way; complemented by the crunch of the cashews. This dish also comes with pickle slices and all up its just amazing! I always crave this if too long goes by between visits! Also, every person i’ve ordered this with has LOVED it as much as I do! So, it’s not just me!

Supernormal White Cut Chicken

White Cut Chicken

Supernormal White Cut Chicken

White Cut Chicken

Honourable Mentions At Supernormal


Supernormal have a few options here. The POT STICKER DUMPLINGS with pork and cabbage are very good, but the VEGETABLE DUMPLINGS – let me just say, they are delicious! I am obsessed with them because they are so light and have such a nice filling that I could eat them for days! Pot sticker dumplings are $14 for 5, vegetable dumplings are $12 for 6.

Supernormal Pot Sticker Dumplings

Pot Sticker Dumplings

Supernormal Vegetable Dumplings

Vegetable Dumplings

And for all you seafood lovers? The LOBSTER ROLL for $14 is probably the best in Melbourne. I don’t eat seafood, but every seafood connoisseur I have eaten here with, raves about it! It does look good!

Supernormal Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll

Supernormal is located at 180 Flinders Lane, Melbourne and is open 7 days.

Rice Paper Scissors

Rice Paper Scissors

Rice Paper Scissors

Rice Paper Scissors was on my radar for quite some time before I made it to their CBD location (they have one in Fitzroy too). But after just one visit, I was hooked and it quickly became one of my favourite asian restaurants in Melbourne; with its focus on Vietnamese cuisine.

The best thing about it is that dishes here are also meant to be shared which makes eating here a lot of fun as you and your companions try new dishes to see what you like best.

Best of all, the prices like Supernormal, are value for money. In our case, on my last visit it was $55 for 5 dishes between 2 people…so around $26 each and we were FULL by the end of it. There were about 15 dishes to pick from in this deal so there is a lot of variety on offer here- especially if you are dining with fussy eaters!

My Recommended Dish At Rice Paper Scissors

Have you ever thought about how refreshing pineapple really is? Well, after eating a GALLOPING HORSE you will!

No, its not horse, this beauty of a dish is the ultimate highlight though, featuring caramelised pork, prawn and peanut, with a thin slice of chili all sitting atop a piece of sour pineapple. Let me say, we did not expect this to be so memorable…but it definitely was! The pineapple just took it to another level! Give me more of it STAT!

Galloping Horses Rice Paper Scissors

Galloping Horses

Honourable Mentions At Rice Paper Scissors

Ok, so I am definitely NOT a seafood lover. But since I was sharing dishes, I made the exception and ordered the MINI VIETNAMESE BAGUETTE: SOFT SHELL CRAB WITH PICKLED VEGETABLES, HERBS & PATE and it was quite delicious. Did it change my mind about seafood? No. But would I eat it again? Yeah, it was pretty darn delicious.

Soft Shell Crab Rice Paper Scissors

Soft Shell Crab Rice Paper Scissors

Ultimately, there is a lot of choice in eating here and if you haven’t tried these dishes, this would be the place to start your journey whether you like CHICKEN SALAD, STEAMED PORK BUNS or even just ASIAN GREENS. All were good!

Steamed Pork Buns Rice Paper Scissors

Steamed Pork Buns

Rice Paper Scissors is located at 19 Liverpool Street, Melbourne and is open 7 days.

So there you have it! If you like eating Asian cuisine and want to eat at what I, and many Melburnian’s rate as the BEST choices in the city…start at Supernormal and Rice Paper Scissors!

Missing out on these is just a crime on any visit!

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