Always Keep Fighting

Always Keep Fighting

Jared Padalecki is one of my favourite actors.

He is good looking, a true gentleman by all accounts, a family man, hard-working and passionate about his career and especially, the ‘Supernatural’ family, which I am proud to be part of. But whilst he may battle demons as Sam Winchester, he has also been battling them in real life as well, in the form of depression.

Following Jared for quite some time on social media, I love getting an insight into the life of someone I respect. I have been a fan of his since he played Dean on ‘Gilmore Girls’, and watch anything he is in because he is brilliant!

Whether he is sharing a photo of his family, or behind the scenes hijinks of ‘Supernatural’ with Jensen Ackles, it is all great to see; and as a fan, be part of his life in a small way. It makes me love him even more to see his true personality; and makes me want to meet them both even more! Vancouver 2016…it’s going to happen! 🙂

But in recent times, Jared has spoken publicly about his depression, none of which was ever more evident than when he openly asked for time off from his work commitments and convention duties, to take a step back and deal with his illness. Fans like myself rallied around him, and the media have been very supportive of his battle as well which has been fantastic to see.

His trademark slogan for his fight has been ‘Always Keep Fighting’ supporting people with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide in particular, and has allowed him to remind everyone (whether you fight a mental illness or life is just throwing you curve balls that you are finding it hard to hit back); that if you ‘Always Keep Fighting’ you can get through it.

As someone who has never suffered from depression, I can’t fully understand how it feels for those who do face this every single day; but life has always been a roller coaster for me at times, and I have always had the choice of giving up or fighting back to better myself and my life; so in part I can relate to a small degree. Nothing comes easy and you have to work bloody hard to keep feeling positive in your life, especially when things gets tough or feel unreachable.

I may have a university degree where I have hopefully inspired hundreds of high schoolers over the past few years; I have traveled all over the world, largely on my own, and lived abroad in London for the past year and a half; I have amazing friends and family all over the world. But I am not always happy and content in my life every single day, no one is 100% of the time.

Whilst there are holes I am trying to fill in gaining my complete happiness, and things to strive for; I have so much to be thankful for and I am heading towards a really positive future with a Vancouver 2 year working holiday on the cards come 2016, with hopefully a career in media in some capacity; and the development of this website into an even bigger platform. Things that were a large result of my time in London.

So why am I writing all of this today?

Because today is Jared Padalecki’s birthday. He is 33, and as a fan who has watched him grow over the years, I have never been more proud to hold a respect for a celebrity I admire. He doesn’t have to be public in his battle, but he chooses to be, so that his voice is heard. So that maybe that one person who needs to hear the message, gains inspiration from the ‘Always Keep Fighting’ message, that it’s important to never give up. But more so, to ask for help no matter what your battle is, especially if you need it. He is still fighting and we are right there with him doing the same.

Happy Birthday Jared, (and happy 1 year anniversary to my website-it’s proud to share this day with you every year!)

You have impacted on all of our lives simply by entertaining us. But you have also changed our lives with your message and openness to fight the good fight and not let it get you down.

‘Always Keep Fighting’.

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