If there is one thing travel has taught me, it’s that whilst every country has its own customs, values and traditions, we are all the same in many ways.

Following the events in Paris; I truly feel for this city and its people. I have visited Paris 5 times, the most recent in December last year for Christmas with my sister who flew over from Australia when I was living in London. My life changed in Paris after attending a One Tree Hill convention there in 2013. To say this city is close to my heart is an understatement. Besides the USA; France is my second most-visited country in the entire world.

Whilst what happened in Paris is everyone’s worst nightmare, it is not just limited to this city. The fact is, no matter where you are, no longer is just getting on a plane a terrorism fear. No, now its sitting at a café, in a cinema, walking the streets of a foreign city, attending an event. Even Australia has experienced this fear; with the Lindt café siege. Nowhere is safe, or untouchable. You need to live with caution of course, but we shouldn’t stop living either.

So, all I will say is this: You can’t defeat us. We will freely explore our home towns. We will travel abroad. We will live abroad and nothing you do to target us will change this.

Yes, we will worry about it. We worry every time we hear about it on the news. We worry when we step through security at an airport. We never forget about the chance that something could happen. But, terrorists will never win.

Because just by living our lives and experiencing the world; by traveling at home or abroad; we will always beat you. In our millions. No matter what you try to do. No matter what history you destroy. You will never stop us.

New York, Tunisia, Beruit, Paris….it doesn’t matter where you hit, or who you influence to do your dirty work…faith in humanity will always win. Always. You can’t scare us enough to fear living our lives in exchange for the comforts of safety.

You never will.

So we will always defeat you, just by doing that.