When visiting the Gold Coast – which us Aussies refer to as “The Goldie”, a good view of the beach is always a priority.

Whether it’s sitting on the sand in Surfers Paradise, eating a meal with a view near Cavill Ave, or staying in a beach front room during your visit – each of these are “want to do” items on any trip to the Gold Coast.

But, there is one view that all visitors must do on a visit here: and that is to experience the Skypoint Observation Deck which is located within the Q1 Resort Tower.

I was provided with a complimentary admission to the Skypoint Observation Deck for the purpose of this review. All recommendations are my own and I honestly cannot recommend this experience more – which you’ll understand why after reading about my visit!

The Q1 Tower – A Resort & Spa

Q1 Skypoint Observation Point From The Beach

The Q1 Tower is not hard to miss when standing along the Surfer’s Paradise beachfront. It stands at 322 meters which makes the Q1, Australia’s tallest residential building.

This a really versatile property, which is a residence, resort and spa. I love the architecture of the building – and my hotel, the Mantra Legends had an oceanfront view of the beach – as well as a view of this beauty to my right every single morning I stood out on my balcony.

Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck Gold Coast Australia Street View

Skypoint Bar & Observation Deck

For those who are like me and are suckers for a killer view, the Q1 is lucky enough to have the stunning Skypoint Observation Deck operating across Level 77 and 78 within the building – making it Australia’s only beachside observation deck. The two companies are separate entities though, with the Skypoint Observation Deck, Bar & Bistro and The Climb all run by Skypoint itself.

The best part about the Skypoint experience is you can do it at your leisure or with a meal – there are a couple of options you can choose from depending on what you’re looking for – and what time you’re looking to go up and enjoy the view.

Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck Gold Coast Australia

Standing at 230 meters high, SkyPoint offers 360 degree views of every vantage point on the Gold Coast.

On a clear day, visitors can enjoy the scenic views of the coastline and beach; the waters areas which showcase the canal lifestyles of some of the prettiest parts of the Gold Coast; and continue on through to the mountainous regions of the hinterland, including Mount Tamborine and the Tweed Range.

Sunset Views At Skypoint

Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck Gold Coast Australia View

Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck Gold Coast Australia View Sunset

Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck Gold Coast Australia View Beachside

A friend and I chose to go up just before sunset – which in July is around 4:30pm. If you go up before that you will get amazing day views, which are stunning. If you go up after sunset, it is also a great view, but due to the darkness, you will only get to see so far – though you will get the treat of seeing everything lit up, which I am such a fan of.

Given sunset allows for 3 views: day views, stunning colour changes during sunset and then night views, it remains the best option in my point of view to head up to the Skypoint. The day was so clear and the views were just spectacular as you can see.

Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck Gold Coast Australia Photo

Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck Gold Coast Australia Photo Opportunities

Night Views At Skypoint

When night fell, we noticed a massive fireworks display going off towards Southport. After investigating we learned it was a private function but being so high up, we had an amazing view for it and it just made our visit that much better.

Seeing the Gold Coast all lit up though is a great way to experience the city and one of my favourite memories of this visit. The Gold Coast is as much a day city as it is a night one.

Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck Gold Coast Australia View Night View

Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck Gold Coast Australia Night View

Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck Gold Coast Australia Fireworks

Dining Options at The Skypoint Bar & Bistro

Q1 Skypoint Seating Area

If you wish to dine on your visit to the Skypoint, there are some really nice dining options available.

Breakfast Buffet

Daily from 7:30am-10:30am.

The hot and cold buffet costs $30 for adults, $19 for children (3-13 years), kids under 3 are free.

If you don’t want to eat a buffet meal, you can enjoy the Al a Carte breakfast menu until 10:30am.

Lunch & DinnerĀ 

Lunch and Dinner options are also available at the Skypoint, with mains, burgers, sides and snack options on the menu to suit all tastes. From 4pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, tasting plates are also available to purchase and share.


On Friday and Saturday nights from 8pm, the Skypoint turns into a 18+ only venue, with drinks, music and food available. We had some drinks on our visit at sunset, and the prices were comparable to what you will pay anywhere in the Gold Coast.

Plus with a view like this? This is truly the ultimate drink with a view!

Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck Gold Coast Australia View Cosmopolitan Drink

Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck Gold Coast Australia Drink With A View

Skypoint Climb

For true thrill seekers – you can also do “The Climb” which allows guests to climb along Australia’s highest exterior walk, to take in the 360 degree views in the most ultimate of fashions. Tickets for adults are $75 and the climb lasts about 90 minutes from start to finish.

If you have a fear of heights or climbing stairs this may not be for you. But we saw people going up in their jumpsuits which looked like a lot of fun.

Next time I come back, I am definitely going to do the climb.

Don’t Miss A Visit To The Skypoint Observation Deck

The Skypoint experiences are well worth the stop when visiting the Gold Coast. I took in so many activities during my week on the Gold Coast and this was truly one of the highlights of my visit. You just can’t beat the views here.

Do not miss out on visiting, even if it is just to visit the Observation Deck and take a walk around. You will love it, your kids will love it, your grandmother will love it.

Put it on the list!


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Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck