Being in Seattle, I am in movie heaven which for me, is an amazing place to be.

Today, I made my way back to Pike Place Market, which was a location from ‘Sleeping In Seattle’. I have visited before, but it’s been a few years, so it is nice to be back.

But today, I truly lived the ‘Sleepless In Seattle’ dream by sitting on the stool that Tom Hanks sits on during his scene with Rob Reiner, which was filmed at the Athenian Inn Restaurant.

They even have signs saying ‘Tom Hanks sat here’ and ‘Rob Reiner sat here’ which shows that the demand for seeing this location has been here for many years. And the best part is, that the restaurant and the market look the same as they did back then, due to the historic sanctions the market upholds even today.

I ate a brownie sundae for an afternoon snack here, and sat by the window, with a view of Elliot bay and all the ferry boats going past. It was pretty amazing.

But with having seen many Sleepless In Seattle locations in Seattle and Baltimore over the years, it’s going to make for a pretty good location article very soon.

Seeing locations like this, makes me love this film even more.

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