© Passenger Shaming

© Passenger Shaming

There are endless travel related accounts on social media.

Some are helpful-they inspire travelers to see places; some are beautiful-they make everyone want to become professional photographers and travel the world, and others are just good value-they remind us of all the horrors we endure on our travels, especially when it comes to airline travel.

Passenger Shaming is an Instagram account and Facebook page, where “photos of assholes taken by anonymous crew and passengers from all over the world” are uploaded.

As a frequent traveler, I am considerate of others everywhere I go; and after looking through all the posts that have been uploaded, I can see that I am the kind of traveler you want sitting next to you on a plane!

The people in these photos are not really identifiable, with most photos highlighting body parts (especially feet overstepping their boundaries). It is pretty laughable at some of the positions people put themselves in-or the mess they make on a flight.

Though if you do want to lounge around on a flight, (a long haul one of more than 6 hours-because anything less is a field day!) there are ways to be considerate ie; wear slippers on the plane so you can take your shoes off and not have your bare feet hanging around-because eww! You can therefore take your shoes off if need be, especially on really long haul!

I will sometimes put my feet up on an arm rest to stretch my legs for a bit, but only on the very edge of the rest (with something on my feet) so the person in front cannot notice them at all. I wouldn’t want a person’s feet right near my face as sit at the window trying to sleep, so I don’t do it to others! It is common sense stuff!

Unfortunately, this account does highlight that we as travelers do not have to just worry about people reclining their seats anymore. There are far worse things out there to deal with, and I have seen it from time to time-I just never took photos of it.

It is kind of funny to see what people actually think is acceptable though, and you have to feel for the poor sucker that had to deal with it.

Check it out if you want a laugh.

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