I have stayed in Air Bnb’s all over the world.

When I moved to London in 2013 on a working holiday visa, my first month spent there was in South-East London at two AirBnb’s, which made the transition that much easier.

As a traveler, I have used Air Bnb’s to save money, but also to get that local experience now that staying at hotels is just not that exciting anymore. To date, I’ve stayed at residences in cities including Seattle, Nashville, Dublin and Savannah. And whilst I have never had a bad experience, I have always had lovely hosts who have made me feel so welcome in their homes – some who went above and beyond what I ever expected them to offer, which has always been lovely.

Palm Springs AirBnB

Last month when I stayed in Palm Springs on my final night in the US after 3 months of travel…I can honestly say I was completely blown away by the hospitality my friends and I received at our AirBnb in Palm Springs.

My Californian friend Jennifer and I had wanted a getaway to Palm Springs because neither of us had ever been before. The weather was very hot that weekend, averaging about 110 Fahrenheit – so knowing we were staying in a home that had a really nice pool was a welcome thought for us, being in the desert and all.

Jennifer had booked this 1 room stay for $135 USD, given the travels I was on (and not having a lot of time to plan much whilst on the road), so I was kind of going in blind to what we would be doing. But she had read all the reviews and liked what she saw and that was good enough for me as she is a seasoned traveler too. Thankfully, she was right!

Palm Springs AirBnb Living Room

The Best Hospitality I’ve Ever Had

The first inkling I had that this was going to be my most incredible AirBnb stay so far, was when Jennifer asked me if I was happy to eat dinner with the hosts that evening…something, aside from my time in London during my long term stays, I had never actually done at an AirBnb. Or expected to do in all honesty here, given we were only there for 1 night!

I often cook at my AirBnb’s if I can be bothered after a long day of travel. Even if it is just something easy like Mac & Cheese (I am a simple girl!) So, having hosts willing to spend their Saturday night entertaining myself, Jennifer and our last minute addition Minh was such a surprise. As a constant traveler, I am always open to meeting locals and eating a meal sounded like fun so we were all fine with that; but we really didn’t expect such an elaborate effort on our host’s part! It was so lovely.

Palm Springs AirBnb Living Room

Palm Springs Airbnb Our Room

The house was luxurious, our rooms were beautiful and we had many amenities provided to us, should we need them. We also had some cuddles with Mia, the owner’s gorgeous baby. Since I missed my own dog, it was lovely to have a doggie running around.

More Than Just A Nice Travel Dinner

Our hospitality didn’t just contain dinner however. We were invited to use the pool, and to make their house our home for the afternoon once we arrived.

But what was also really nice, was that beer and wine was constantly provided to us all free of charge, so we could have some drinks out by the pool. It was all of these little details that made this experience so memorable compared to all the others. (Not that one expects to be provided with any additional things, especially alcohol!) it really felt like home!

As an international traveler, I did also have some washing that needed doing, but I was just going to do when I arrived home…but this was also taken care of so that I could have an enjoyable time in the pool before the evening hit and the sun went down. Although this was something simple, it was much appreciated and again something I didn’t expect to be offered on a one night stay.

Dinner To Top it All Off!

At dinner, we were provided with some quiche appetizers and cheese and salami. Then we were served Italian style potatoes and steak sandwiches (with steak, brie cheese, rocket and roasted red peppers on a bread roll). It was absolutely delicious!

We relaxed with drinks in the backyard, and enjoyed the ambiance of the night and it was truly a perfect stay in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs & Air BnB

We had an incredible time in Palm Springs. Our hosts were beyond amazing and they had a beautiful home that was far superior than any hotel stay we could have ended up in.

At the moment, there are some decisions needing to be made regarding whether this AirBnB (and others within the same body corporate) can continue to run. So we were the final guests for the moment when we were there.

But if you are interested in staying here, feel free to email the owners at anyamilo@sbcglobal.net and ask them if things have been approved now. I will keep my eyes on AirBnB and add the link to the property here if it does happen shortly.

It would be the ultimate shame to not allow properties like this to continue. AirBnB’s are not always known for their above and beyond hospitality, but being made to feel right at home in such a cool Californian city is.

Thanks so much Kathleen & Guy Anthony!

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