*This was written as part of the Female Travel Bloggers Power Hour

I Heart New York.

I honestly do.

Those t-shirts they sell at every souvenir store? They were made for ME! My face should be on it haha.

So, what is it about New York that makes it my favourite city in the world? Well, everything. It is just amazing, with so much inside of it.

When asked the question “what would my favourite day be like in my favourite city?”, it got me thinking about my favourite places in New York. The ones I always go back to.

So if I could have just one perfect day in New York? Here’s what it would look like, every time:


The leaves on all the trees, the parks and gardens all in bloom.

Green everywhere.

The Mall Central Park

Central Park is one of my favourite places in the city and seeing it full of colour on a warm post-summer’s day is perfection to me. I love walking down the mall; a tree lined avenue featured in pretty much every New York film or tv show.

I love the park benches and the shadows of the leaves all over the ground as the sun streams through. The noise of the city is unheard and only laughter and shouts can be heard from the games happening all over the park. This is how every New York day should start. Just like this.

After the stroll, a stop to my favourite restaurant, Serendipity 3 is in order. I have loved this place even before I ever made it here, having seen it in films ‘One Fine Day’ and ‘Serendipity’ growing up; I was entranced by the place it was and couldn’t wait to see it myself, and eat a huge dessert. Every time I visit New York, I eat here. But I don’t get the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. Nope, I get the Hot Fudge Sundae, as it is well; to die for. Hot Fudge everywhere, dripping down the cup it sits in, vanilla ice cream filled to the brim and whipped cream on top with a cherry…tell me this doesn’t sound like a piece of heaven…or look like one…?

Serendipity 3

After the calorie overload, I would make my way down Greenwich Village, one of the best neighbourhoods in town, and walk along the brownstones. Here, real celebrities do live and you may just see one. I walked past B.J. Novak from the Office last time I was there; he was heading to dinner with a friend just casually strolling along. It was so cool!

But the big landmark here is definitely 66 Perry Street: Carries’s Apartment from ‘Sex and the City’. I love this street. I love the feel of it, and most importantly, I love this building. It is where I would die to live if I ever scored a green card, or a rich husband and was moving to the city. How amazing the Village really is!

Carrie's Apartment

So, if you had one day in New York City? What would it look like?

For me, this is New York. It is why I love it and why I keep coming back.

And I will be…very soon to have another perfect day in the city!