This piece for Enchanted Serendipity’s Expat Series was written by Monika from Bewildered In Morocco.

I have always been a curious rebel. I think these two words explain well why I have made the decision to leave Poland and move to Morocco.

My parents knew I’d always do whatever I wanted, my friends were worried about me travelling alone and doing things they would not ever think of doing, my boyfriend calls me a rebel too. I didn’t want to follow the mainstream and obtain my MA just because it was seen right to do so… I also didn’t believe in the stereotypes that the media fed us with.

I simply decided to discover everything by myself regardless of what was “right.”

Monika The Expat

Monika The Expat

What Started It All…Even The Negatives

I was a fresh out of university English teacher and I was supposed to volunteer in an orphanage in Algeria. To my, (back then), bitter disappointment, the project was cancelled. I had to look for another opportunity, and since I speak French I thought another French speaking country (but not a European one) would be a good replacement.

So here I am, since 2013, a Pole in Morocco.

I easily get bored, I can’t stand still in one place, I have to explore. Morocco is a place that got me out of my comfort zone numerous times, that pushed me to my limits and made me cry.

Love Is Everywhere

Love Is Everywhere

I adjusted quite quickly, but there are some things here I really can’t get used to: the “God’s willing” syndrome in the disorganized paperwork and the demotivating catcalling on the streets. Well, as they say “nothing is perfect” and being happy doesn’t necessarily mean that one has a perfect life, it means that they have made the decision to accept the imperfections.

There’s also another thing that makes it hard for me to live here, and I think it is the biggest obstacle. Missing my family! Being homesick makes me go crazy sometimes…

But enough negativity, let’s focus on the positives too.

The Best Part About Being An Expat

I find myself a global citizen rather than from one nation. I am not a hard-nosed patriot, but when it comes to food – I am one!

Polish food is my number one choice along with Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine. Moroccan dishes are also good but doesn’t pamper my taste buds as much as the other cuisines so yes, I do miss Polish food a lot!

Enjoying Local Delicacies

Enjoying Local Delicacies

I love to try different things, experience different cultures and understand them. I always seize opportunities to attend a traditional, Moroccan party or do something typical for Moroccans. People here are warm and welcoming and they will take care of you when they know you lie away from home – I have been invited to weddings, engagements, birthdays, family gatherings and other celebrations countless times, and I never feel lonely. Moroccans are very hospitable people and they helped me a lot in the times when my nostalgia was reaching the maximum.

Making Friends With Locals

Making Friends With Locals

Another thing that I should mention are the landscapes. The country’s climate changes depending on where you head to. You can go skiing, swim, surf, go to a forest, lay on a beach and go hiking. We have snow, burning sun, wind, everything!

If someone is looking for other things than good weather and beautiful places, they will find it. Morocco is a country of endless opportunities. It’s still developing, therefore, the market is like a sponge – absorbing everything. You have limitless possibilities; teaching jobs, start-ups, food business or export.

I do love Morocco, I truly do.

I call it home, I am an insider here, I know the customs and places…Morocco swallowed me up; but my curious nature won’t let me stay in one place forever. I still have a lot of countries on my bucket list to tick!

There are many things that life in Morocco has taught me, one of them would be: 6+3 equals 9, so does 5+4!

Your opinion is not the only correct one, broaden your horizons, open up to the world and be eager to learn.

You can follow Monika’s adventures in her blogs Bewildered In Morocco and Writing Comes Easier and connect with her on social media via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Life In Morocco- The Good & The Bad Of Being An Expat