Flooding In Venice, Italy

Flooding In Venice, Italy

So, I heard that Venice flooded from time to time.

I never thought I would actually see it though, even in Winter.

We arrived into Venice around 8:30am as we are staying outside the city (as most people do) and caught the bus in which was about 15 minutes away.

When we arrived, it didn’t take long before we realized we were WAY under-prepared for our day out in Venice.

We all had water proof coats and boots which we assumed would be enough, but as the water level was at shin height, other enforcements were going to be be needed. So we all paid our euros to get water proof elastic leg covers, which looked really sturdy and were actually fun to wear. These covers could go as high as your knees, and you wear them over your shoes with the elastic holding them up around your knees to stop anything getting wet when walking in certain areas that were flooded.

After 30 minutes or so, we had walked through some flood waters as well as walkways which were clear of water. They do have some temporary walkways above the water near the St Mark’s Square area which is usually the most flooded when this occurs as it is at the lowest level in Venice, so there are alternative ways to get around in some places without getting wet.

When we were walking in St Mark’s Square to be near the Gondola ride entrance, Megan and I specifically started to feel really cold on our feet which we assumed was just the water being colder in that area-and it was Winter. Then others reported the same thing. As we were walking along further, the realization that our socks were actually becoming wet and it wasn’t all in our heads dawned on us.

We were going under and I was pissed!

Our supposed water proof attire that we had just bought was in fact USELESS! They were sturdy in appearance, but as they crinkled in many areas, these crinkles began to tear and create small holes in our covers…thus we were saturated from the ankles down and the water was FREEZING!

We were going to take a tour of the glass blowing shop, but so many of us could NOT handle the next 5 hours walking around in sopping feet and the uncomfortableness that comes with it when not walking around in water, so we were directed by a local lady to a shoe store that sold gumboots, (that happened to be open, even with flood waters outside). These boots were black and stylish though, so at least we would look good-and had a guarantee that NO MORE water would get in!

20 Euros later, we were finally enjoying our day walking in the waters of Venice. Some shops were closed, and some were open, but it was pretty cool to see the water flooding the walkways right up to the doors of the shops. It was very weird to see.

Unfortunately for me, my grey boots were toast. They had succumbed to the deeps of Venice-all the salty, scummy water that we had been walking in for an hour. So I was going to be throwing them away, but for now I had to carry them around in a bag. I still kept the orange shoe covers as even with holes and good gum boots, should the water level rise above the knee, I would still have protection from the water. But I officially HATED these shoe covers with a passion and the fact they failed. In this day and age we should be able to wear water proof shoe covers that ACTUALLY work!

Anyway, Venice was still lovely. We enjoyed the glass blowing and lace demonstration, and even had a proposal by one of the guys on our tour to his girlfriend of many years (who actually hail from Cranbourne believe it or not!) so that was sweet to see.

We never got to go on a Gondola though, the high tide was too high in the morning, and then it was too windy in the afternoon as the waters subsided. But at least I did it in 2010 and know what it is like.

Venice, you were lovely even in the flooded waters. But you took my boots…so thank you very much for that!

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