Currywurst In Gottingen

Currywurst In Gottingen


By far the best German invention of all time.

A pork bratwurst sausage cut into pieces in a tomato ketchup sauce with curry powder. Usually served with a warm, crispy bread roll.

This is so good, I eat it every time I am in Göttingen. Luckily for me, I am headed to Berlin, the home of Currywurst since its invention in the 1940s, so this won’t be the last time I eat this meal on this trip!

The best place in Göttingen to have Currywurst is at Glöckle. A basic hole in wall type place that has existed for 95 years; it is always busy and very cheap at under 3 Euros for a Currywurst. It can’t be beat in taste and value! I had two servings today…just because I could!

I am yet to have a Currywurst anywhere that tastes better than this!

So, my photo of the day is of my favourite thing in Gottingen (aside from my friends here of course!) which I will miss terribly!

Currywurst! Currywurst! Currywurst!