Flying From New York

Flying From New York

No matter how many times you travel by air, whether it is short or long haul; it is never easy to fly.

We worry about planes having a mechanical issue, or a fellow passenger having a tantrum and causing the plane to be diverted…or worse based on recent occurrences.

But it never crosses our mind in the slightest, that the people in charge of our aircraft, could be a reason to fear getting on a plane.

Now, we can blame airlines for allowing pilots to fly when they shouldn’t. But, no matter what checks they have, pilots who are dealing with personal issues or even vendettas, will still manage to fly. Nothing is ever foolproof.

I think the thing which has shocked us most about the German Wings crash, is that a pilot was locked out of the cockpit. Whether the co-pilot was depressed, or a convert of Islam-that is not the number 1 issue here. It is the fact that one person can be left at the controls of an airplane, and every single person on that aircraft is at their mercy. These are the people we are supposed to trust with our lives…and this happens?

This crash has been sickening to hear about; and the fact that we know the passengers knew what was happening makes it worse than all the other crashes of late, where we hope they were rendered unconscious before they could know anything.

Unfortunately, we have to use this crash as another example of policy. Policy that needs changing for all of those airlines who do not have a 2 person rule in place in their cockpits.

It is about time that policies like this changed, and all airlines are forced to follow a rule like this. Forget airlines making their own decisions. This needs to be mandatory now. Having an additional crew member in that cockpit when a pilot needs to temporarily leave, can help to ensure that something like this does not happen again. It isn’t foolproof. But it is a start.

We need to do more to protect passengers who willingly put our lives in airlines hands. In pilots hands.

In this day and age, it is unacceptable that what happened here was allowed to even occur. With the security already in place at airports, more needs to be done about the security of planes when they are in the air.

And it needs to start today.

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