If you are visiting Melbourne, don’t just encase yourself in the city (as wonderful as it is). Head down to the Mornington Peninsula in the South-Eastern region of Victoria, where there are some truly lovely coastal towns; and a place I always love to take friends anytime they are in the city: Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm.

Located in Main Ridge, this is one day trip worth doing.

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm
Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

Strawberry Desserts (Or Meals) At Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm are known for their delicious strawberries. But they also sell other berries like Blueberries, Blackberries and Raspberries.

But really, when you visit here, you really do want to enjoy the strawberries! They are so sweet and amazingly appetizing, that anything on offer on their cafe menu is sure to be a winner. The cafe is open year round; however it is extremely busy in the Summer months, especially over the festive season.

There is a decent amount of tables outside, however; you will have to fight others for seating and deal with a longer line when ordering. This is to be expected; however they could spring for some fold-out tables even during peak times to alleviate this a little but it isn’t much of a wait if everything is taken as the service is quite quick. My advice, arrive earlier in the morning, rather than around 2pm when the crowds seem to double in size on beautiful, sunny days.

Last week when I visited Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm with my mum, we ordered two things off the menu: the Devonshire Tea that came with 2 scones, strawberry jam and cream and a coffee for $10; and the Strawberry Kebabs which was $11 and came as 3 kebabs with vanilla marshmallows and strawberries on skewer sticks, and a belgian chocolate dip. Both of these were even better than they look. It was superb!

Scones and Jam at Sunny Ridge
Strawberry Kebabs At Sunny Ridge

There is a shop next to the cafe which sells everything from chocolate, to preserves to wine. All the berries are on sale here for awesome prices, and the quality is amazing…way better than any supermarket or fruit shop. There are even huge boxes available for about $15 for jam strawberries, so the value for money is great!

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Shop

U-Pick Strawberries At Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

If you are able to visit during the warmer months between November-April, the U-pick strawberry option at Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm is a really fun experience for people of all ages. I am a fussy strawberry eater, and love my strawberries to be of the best quality, so being able to pick my own is awesome. On busy days the prices are per punnet, which is what we had on our visit. But for $9 for adults, the punnet was quite large and we were able to pack in quite a lot of strawberries into that.

There are designated areas each day for strawberry picking, and we were very surprised at the awesome quality and amount of strawberries that were available to be picked. Neither my mum or I have ever visited when the picking has been available, but we really enjoyed it and would do it again next time. Little kids really enjoyed it too so it really is a fun day that the entire family can enjoy. (I am 30, and I enjoyed it!)

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm
Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm
Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm
Strawberries at Sunny Ridge
Strawberries at Sunny Ridge

The photos alone highlight just how amazing the strawberries are at Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm.

If you love strawberries and want really great quality, then these strawberries are the ones to get. They truly are the sweetest strawberries I ever buy, so I am always craving them when I am in the mood for eating or cooking with strawberries.

Strawberry Picking at Sunny Ridge
Strawberries at Sunny Ridge

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm is a great day out, and one your tatsebuds will enjoy! Mornington is a beautiful region to explore, and places like these make it that much more enticing and memorable.

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