Berlin's Stumbling Blocks

Berlin’s Stumbling Blocks

Berlin is a lovely city; one of the best in Europe.

One of the most interesting things you can see when walking around are the ‘Stolpersteine’, otherwise known as stumbling blocks. They sit above the cobblestones of the walkway, so that walkers notice them, or stumble upon them if they don’t see them. These brass cobblestones lay at the entrance to where many Jewish victims of the Holocaust lived prior to their deportation to concentration camps, like Auschwitz.

They are paid for and placed at the request of others, usually family who want to remember the people they lost; and remind the city that these people existed and had their lives cut short in the most horrific of ways.

There are approx. 5,500 brass cobblestones in Berlin, and over 45,000 in cities across Europe.

The history in Berlin is everywhere. But this reminds us all of the human lives that got caught up in it, and paid the ultimate price.

May they never be forgotten.

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