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Celebrating a birthday means you are getting older. Marking a birthday where you leave a decade altogether is something completely different.

And here I was, turning 30.

The good thing about knowing people all over the world; as well as having Australia enter your birthday time zone before you actually have your birthday in Ireland, makes your birthday a 2 or even 3 day event with well wishes coming through throughout. It is pretty awesome!

I was in Dublin, Ireland to celebrate and I also had friends coming in from London who were my social circle and support whilst I had been living there for the past 14 months.

So it was going to be an awesome weekend!

Early in the day, I met the first arrival Marie, and we explored Trinity College, including the Book of Kells and the Long Room Library. It was magnificent seeing that! I mean, I love historic documents but I love spaces that have books everywhere. This room had 2 storeys of them, old staircases, ladders and thousands of old books lining the walls. It was just amazing to walk around. It would have been awesome to view it from the top, looking down, but in any case, just being there was something special.

For lunch, we had Mongolian Bbq which was again delicious!

Kristal and Shannon arrived next and we chilled out in the hotel for awhile, before heading out to Temple Bar and having dinner and drinks. We went to Bad Bobs which was really awesome with decent prices and fantastic music with acoustic bands playing. Another friend Linda flew in a little later and met up with us while we were at the bar.

Bad Bobs is a bar/restaurant that has music all night and at 11pm it turns into a nightclub. They have a saxophone player that plays when it shifts to becoming a nightclub, but after awhile it got annoying hearing the sax playing so much with the music. We were really happy when it stopped!

After drinking and dancing in the club, and having many laughs along the way, due to the people that were in the club with us, Shannon and Linda and I left to head back to the hotel at 2:30am.

So it was a pretty amazing night!

This was just stop 1 however, as I am now headed to the States and Canada for 5 weeks to continue the celebrations into hitting this milestone.

It is going to be just as epic as the past 6 weeks I have been traveling in Europe.

Bring it on!

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