Iowa is an awesome state and while I really wanted to do a photo for Ottumwa where we stayed for the night, I just had to do it about Walmart. A place i go to every time I have a car…it’s just the shit!

Ottumwa is a really cute small town, and it has so much charm that being there for the evening was just lovely! This was country right here!

But before arriving in Ottumwa, we stopped at Walmart so I could stock up on things I needed that were cheap, and also to have a browse. I love seeing all of the selection Walmart have. They really have it all!

Seeing an endless amount of pringle flavours was something! We counted at least 20 different types! It was mental! I bought some nacho cheese tortilla pringles which were new, and they were only $1.48! Bargain!

Walking down the cereal aisle, and seeing the huge ass cereal bags (and candy bags too!) like the ones in my photo, made me have to take a photo of what I was seeing!

I love Walmart. It is so cheap, and everything I need is here. As a foreigner, it is a must when traveling in the states!

For a road trip, a trip to Walmart is always necessary as well.

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