Rembrandt Hoeve Cheese and Clog Farm, Amsterdam

Rembrandt Hoeve Cheese and Clog Farm, Amsterdam

Our final stop on the tour was upon us, although many people still had to get back to London so they had one last bus ride after this stop. We had taken a pub crawl in Berlin the night before, so many of us were hungover or just tired as we had 3-4 hours sleep at best. It was not our most productive day!

But before arriving in Amsterdam, we stopped at a Cheese and Clog Farm called Rembrandt Hoeve which is just outside of the city (about 20 minutes away); and met the farmer Roel who was definitely a character!

I ended up at the front of the group whilst he was telling us about cheese and the process it takes to make his type, which is Gouda. He has many different types of Cheese and we were able to taste them (the smoked cheese was my favourite), but they were all really nice!

During his instruction, he singled me out and had me holding all of this cheese, and after telling me not to date his brother (not sure why we even got onto this topic), Megan piped up that I was single, so that led to me being called ‘short, single lady’ for the remainder of the tour. It was funny, but I am not sure why I, out of all of the girls in the group was singled out.

We did learn a lot. He spoke about making the clogs and about the actual shoe sizes we have, not the standard ones. He is also only one of 3 actual makers of clogs in Amsterdam, so it is pretty amazing. Then we went into his warehouse where we could buy a heap of clogs, cheese and anything else that was on offer.

After giving me grief the whole time, Roel asked me to stand and hold a pair of clogs, and he came up behind me and scared the crap out of me; and then we took this photo. Afterwards, he showed me a photo he has of this very same pose, but the person holding the clogs in his photo, is none other than Whoopi Goldberg!

So how cool is that to have a photo just like she did?

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