So I was back in Berlin, and ready to board the Currywurst train once again.

The girls I spent most of my time on this tour joined me today as we started off with a group Third Reich tour about Hitler and Nazi Germany and a little about the Berlin Wall. It was an informative tour.

After it finished, we stopped at a place nearby for Currywurst. Megan and I had had this before, but Eddi and Jess had never been to Berlin so this was a big moment for them.

Those who know me know I LOVE my Currywurst and I was happy to share in the love with good friends.

The girls really enjoyed it and Jess and I even had another serving of it when we had lunch at the Hofbrauhaus again. It was delicious!

I have truly enjoyed meeting and rooming with these 3 girls on my tour. They are very similar people to me and just interesting and fun girls to hang around Europe with. Having them on this tour has made being here that much more enjoyable. I know I will see them again whether at home or abroad.

Today was a really good day exploring Berlin with my best friends on the tour.

But it was a great day eating Currywurst and helping more people get on the Currywurst train as well.

We had a pub crawl tonight, and it was going to be awesome as well!

Thanks for an amazing trip ladies xo

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