Acai is amazing! I love eating it with fruit as a breakfast or lunch meal.

Acai, if you don’t know is red/purplish in colour and looks like a grape when grown, just smaller and with less pulp.

It doesn’t have a strong berry taste, like a strawberry or raspberry, but it is nice to eat and makes eating a fruit salad type meal that much better! When served this way, it looks like gelato or ice cream.

For my lunch today, I had an Acai Berry Bowl from Jamba Juice. It has sliced strawberries, sliced banana, blueberries, silvered almonds and honey. Altogether it is really nice! The almonds really make the bowl go up a notch.

The best part about eating things like this in Hawaii is that it makes being in a paradise setting that much more evident, and I feel better eating it which is good, as I could be eating a huge cheeseburger or something really unhealthy!

The only problem is, you end up with seeds in your teeth.

But it’s so worth it (and if you rinse after eating, it’s all good!)

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