Manhattan, The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps: New York City; the place where dreams come true. There are so many names which describe it. It’s the world’s most well-known city, even for people who have never set foot into its confines; essentially due to the endless films and television series it continues to provide a backdrop for.

This city is a star in its own right-and in some cases it actually is. (Hello? Sex and the City!)

How Many Days Do You Need To Really See NYC?

What you decide to see here is purely up to your own tastes. But the standard tourist destinations are a must in any itinerary, especially in a city offering an endless amount of typical New York moments. It is impossible to get bored here.

New York is so big, but how do you possibly fit everything into one trip?

Well, it is more than doable. But a city as big as this really needs at least five full days allocated to her, to truly appreciate everything it has to offer. Although anything longer will ensure your days are slower paced and more comfortable – you can enjoy yourself a little more, the more time you have there.

New York City's Layout Street Map

How do you decide what to see in NYC?

New York is not a complicated place to visit. If you know what Avenue and intersecting Street you need to find, then getting around can be quite easy.

The articles I continue to write are here to highlight different neighbourhoods, (and give you ideas of what you can see when you visit there), to actually help you decide on what is worth seeing and what you can live without…or just what you have time for. These are all suggestions of course; but many of these places I hold close to my heart and return to every time I visit.

I love them that much!

Never Get Lost: New York City’s Streets & Avenues Layout

For a first-timer in New York City, how do you not get confused about where you are? It’s really simple!

You really can’t get too lost in New York City once you look at the design of the city and it’s overall layout. New York is broken into many neighbourhoods. Depending on the street you are on, will determine exactly where you are. The map below will explain things more.

First locate Central Park on the middle of the map to get your ultimate bearings.

New York City streets are broken into 2 halves: West side (LEFT) and East side (RIGHT) of 5th Avenue, which runs (almost) down the basic center of Manhattan. Avenues in New York City run vertically and are numbered from 1st-12th Avenues, starting on the edge of the East side of the city. The exception to this however, is Lexington and Madison Avenues, which are located either side of Park Avenue, on the East side, (which is actually 4th Avenue). These Avenues remain numberless.

6th Avenue is also known as Avenue of the Americas, which you will see on signs when walking along it. Broadway is a thoroughfare road that runs through basically the entire city across both Avenues and Streets in a diagonal line from west to east.

Intersecting Streets run horizontally across the vertical Avenues, beginning towards the lower areas of Manhattan with 1st Street, and going all the way past 150th. All Streets have an East or West in front of them. Although, once you are below 14th Street, things can get kinda dicey as standard street names begin to exist down there. So, you can get lost! (Look at any map and you will understand what I mean.)

New York City's Street Structure

Hopefully this quick guide and the forthcoming ones I write inspire you and give some insight into just how much New York City has to offer as a travel destination. And how not to get confused by being inside it!

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Never Get Lost In NYC