United States: What I have visited so far

United States: What I have visited so far

The US has my heart. Everyone who knows me knows this.

It had it even before I got there the first time in 2008 as a 23 year old; after all of the films and television shows I watched growing up.

Experiencing this country is why I love travel. Yes I have visited other places across the globe, and truly loved them. But there is something about the U.S. Of A that has kept me coming back, generally as a solo traveler; for the 10th time in 7 years (if you count border crossings to and from Canada; if you don’t then its 7 overall visits).

I love the small towns, the food (within reason; I love butter but not slathered on things like it is here), the architecture of the houses-even in the suburbs, the prices of everything I buy, and the knowledge that you can drive from one state to another and have a completely different experience in each place.

I would have seen everything by now, but I keep returning to my favourite places like New York, California, Vegas and North Carolina.

I love home, Melbourne, Australia. But I truly feel at home in the States because I identify with so much of it. I could kiss the TSA guy every time I land at a US airport.

One day I hope to live here. (C’mon random green card lottery- or someone find me an American husband already!) But for now I will just continue to enjoy spending time with her in any way I can; with the hopes of knocking off these last few states-Idaho, North Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico, Michigan, Vermont and West Virgina, as soon as I can. And if not, moving to Canada is a pretty good place to end up as well (with better health care and everything…)

What an experience it has been so far, with many happy memories that will already last a lifetime.

Here’s to knocking the rest off (and hopefully marrying an American along the way!)

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