Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

With my London adventures coming to an end, I was excited to begin traveling- which is me in my element.

What I didn’t count on was a morning filled with one issue after another.

Once I was flying to my first stop Copenhagen, Denmark I could actually laugh about it. But before then, here is what happened:

1. I get to Heathrow at 7:15pm and my suitcase is 1.5 kgs overweight. I knew this but as I wasn’t sure by how much, I arrived with enough time to sort through and chuck out things if need be. Mind you I am wearing 2 winter coats: a puffy jacket over my dress coat, so I am already sweating. And my suitcase and handbag were heavy due to my electronic devices and cords and what not.

2. Once my suitcase was sorted, I went through to security which I thought would be easy. Nope. Wrong again. Heathrow are by far the craziest when it comes to the 100ml liquid rule. Although no container can be more than this, each person is always only allowed one bag which makes for a tight fit for women, when we have make up and creams and so forth with us; so you really have to pack it all in.

Security is just a complete nightmare anyway as I had to get my laptop out, I had to take off the jacket I was wearing (I was holding the other one) and I had to take off my boots, but that’s how it is everywhere. So I literally have 4 huge trays with all my crap spread out on it as I had to pull everything out as required or take stuff off before walking through to the other side.

While I was placing everything in these trays, my liquids bag slipped and one of my glass foundation bottles which had about 1/4 left in it (thankfully!) smashed. So, firstly, foundation went all over everything in the bag, and secondly, as it was glass, the plastic bag ripped so foundation went all over the tray as well. The security woman should have just placed this bag in another bag so it didn’t go everywhere else but she didn’t, but I got one and did it myself.

3. Assuming this was the end of my issues, I clear security and get all my things out of the trays. I am re-packing everything and realise i can’t find my boarding pass and passport. As i had a lot of crap, I had a quick look and couldn’t see them, so I asked another security officer if it was left on one of my trays at all?

She holds up my boarding pass, which she said was in another tray than the ones with my stuff, (how is that even possible and why wouldn’t you say anything to the people clearing trays anyway?) and so i got that back, but was freaking out because my passport was with the boarding pass when i placed them in the tray, and I had stuff everywhere that I was trying to re-pack and my flight was going to begin boarding shortly.

After 5 minutes I had taken everything out and re-packed it all and luckily found my passport! So, I always had my passport, it was never lost. But how INSANE is it that my boarding pass was found elsewhere when it was placed in my tray?? I have no idea how it was even possible and that is a big worry!

4. I get to the plane, board and finally rest in my seat. It is an 8:55am flight and I have already lived enough hours of stress and the day hasn’t even really started! What else could go wrong?

Well, as I was running around and wearing jackets, I was getting sweaty and needed my trusty roll on deodorant.

Previously, I have had a roll on work fine on a plane, except this time it was a plastic container not glass, so after doing one underarm I moved across to the other one and all this liquid was gushing out onto my clothes and skin. I realised that the ball had come out of the container…but where had it gone?

Well, as I was in such tight quarters in the seat, I quickly found the ball under the first armpit, having not realised that it stayed there when I had applied deodorant to it first! How hilarious!

So now I was down a foundation and a deodorant! Good times.

Thankfully, I made it to Copenhagen in one piece and had a wander around in the afternoon which was nice. When I checked into my hotel I found I was on the top floor of the hotel, which only so many rooms are, and ONLY the top floor has a private balcony.

So, after all of the stress of that morning, and all of the mishaps that occurred, I feel that I was rewarded with a beautiful view of the city that I could stand out and enjoy-even in the cold- to make up for it!

So, rather than a photo of the broken foundation or ball-less deodorant, here is the view from my balcony in Copenhagen.

What a lovely city it is!

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